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10 Kobold Encounters

A distant skittering echoes through the cave. Small, clawed footsteps guide the travelers as they move deeper, huddled in the temperamental light of a single torch. The creatures they were pursuing we
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Ancient Tree Roots Fantasy Battle Map - Banner

Ancient Tree Roots Battle Map

High above you a ceiling of leaves moves like the surface of the sea. It is held up by great wooden limbs, and rains down an endless confetti of vivid green leaves.  It casts its shade in a wide
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How to Run Goblins

An arrow flies out of a nearby bush, surprising the group’s navigator and bringing him to his knees. A barrage follows before the travelers can move to react. Some manage to raise their shields or cat
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Snake Den RPG Battle Map - Featured Image

The Snake Den

Troy and I sat down a few days ago to design a unique “micro-dungeon” for his upcoming article. I don’t want to give too much of it away yet, but suffice to say we settled on this winding tunnel; the
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10 Goblin Encounters

Trees and shrubs surround the party as they travel, imprisoning them in forest walls. The odd chirp or rustling sees the travelers pivoting to respond, their weapons drawn. But, despite their anxiety,
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Colossal Turtle RPG Battle Map & Assets - Featured Image

Turtle Colossus Maps & Assets

You know, I’m not sure why I decided to draw a giant tortoise. I just find something so charming and mystical about a lumbering animal so large that you could build a house on its back, and so I drew
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Cursed Cave battle map (tropical) banner

How to Run a Jungle Adventure

Somewhere below the adventurer’s foot, a breaking crunch is heard. Crouching down to brush some mossy soil aside reveals a skull, bleached white and weaved with vines. It is, or was, human. Marks are
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Jungle River Crossing Battle Map - Banner Image

Jungle Wetland Maps & Assets

Your lantern bobs on its hook as you ease the skiff through the waters heavy with lily pads, flanked on all sides by darkness and the drone of countless frogs and insects. A few weeks ago I drew the s
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10 More Jungle Encounters

Miles of tangled plants stretch in every direction. Moisture fills the thick air. Every sound, every rustled leaf or rippled pond, could be another threat, camouflaged but watching. The jungle itself
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Japanese Castle, Day (32x44)

Japanese Castle Maps & Assets

Perched above the clouds is silhouetted a multi-tiered castle, its layered keep hidden behind yet more layers of walls. Could any army stand a chance here after that climb? I visited Japan for the fir
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Fog's Edge Outpost Jungle Town Map, banner image

Wetland Outpost Maps & Assets

An outpost at the fringe of civilization where no man wishes to live, but the yearn for adventure compels him to go. I’m going with something of a jungle theme lately, and I wanted to link my upcoming
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Jungle Temple RPG battle map, color

10 Encounters in the Jungle

Loops of vines hang from a dense canopy, swaying in the gentle, humid breeze. Or maybe they are snakes, waiting for the errant touch of an unaware adventurer. More dangers lurk beneath them, waiting b
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Jungle Podium battle map, grid

The Jungle Podium Maps & Assets

A carnival of brightly-colored birds hop and flutter upon an ancient stone stage. Hello again! I have decided to leap from desert-themed maps to the other end of the spectrum and tackle some vibrant j
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How to Run a Desert Adventure

Adventurers make their way into the deserts every few months, covered in armor and hefting weapons along with them. They prepare and study and strategize for the monsters they might face. But few unde
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Desert Temple Battle Map, color

The Desert Temple Battle Map

A high wall with a single entrance stands unmoving in a sea of blazing white sand. This battle map is the canonical entrance to our previous Desert Catacomb and Tomb. It is a tall gateway flanked on e
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10 More Desert Encounters

Dry lips. Red, burning skin. Eyes straining against the waves of blinding heat. The desert drains the strength of those courageous or foolish enough to cross it. Even without the monsters they had fac
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Desert Oasis Battle Map, Color

10 Encounters in the Desert

The sands burn like fire, whipped up by swirling winds. Each day, the dunes shift and change into what could be mistaken for a new landscape. This place, these deserts, seem to possess a hunger for th
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Pumpkin Hill Halloween Battle Map – Color Preview

How to Run a Horror Adventure

Night descends, enveloping the small town in creeping shadows. The party looks out from the safety of their inn room. They know the kinds of monsters that lurk in the dark and the many ways to face th
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Snowy Sanctum battle map, banner

How to Run a Snow Adventure

Snowy tundras weave between mountains and forests, blanketing the landscape in a petrifying cold. Many creatures and obstacles litter the area. Adventurers must be ready for what might find them, as w
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Halloween Monster RPG Tokens – Banner Preview

Halloween Monster Tokens

Ten classic Halloween monsters to haunt your player characters this spooky season! We have classic undead such as vampires, skeletons, and a zombie. We have the exotic mummy and a humorous ghost. Alon
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10 More Scary Encounters

A line of red warmth drips from his nose. He turns to his companions, sharing a look of fearful determination. They each clutch their respective injuries. In the distance, the horizon skies are beginn
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10 Horror Encounters

Shadows creep and shiver in corners unwatched. They slink forth from their hiding places as the sun descends, consuming the last of day’s light. All that remains is the white glow of the moon. The air
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