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Lightning Rail & Train Map Assets, lightning rail banner

Lightning Rail & Train Map Assets

I’ve converted our steam locomotive into a Lightning Rail for your Eberron game. I’ve made some basic building blocks to create a custom train car. I’ve finally made some tracks for the months-old ste
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Wonderdraft Town & City Map Assets Pt.3, banner

Wonderdraft Town & City Map Assets (Pt.3)

Greetings, cartographers! This latest piece of content contains 70 new assets for building city and town maps. It is part three in our growing collection, and leans towards larger buildings as well as
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Desert Oasis Battle Map, Color

10 Encounters in the Desert

The sands burn like fire, whipped up by swirling winds. Each day, the dunes shift and change into what could be mistaken for a new landscape. This place, these deserts, seem to possess a hunger for th
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Pumpkin Hill Halloween Battle Map – Color Preview

How to Run a Horror Adventure

Night descends, enveloping the small town in creeping shadows. The party looks out from the safety of their inn room. They know the kinds of monsters that lurk in the dark and the many ways to face th
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Crumbling Desert Tomb Battle Map – Grid Preview

Ancient Egyptian DESERT TOMB Battle Map

An ancient Egyptian battle map of a desert tomb. Inside, virtual tabletop files for Roll20 and PDFs for printing. Beware the buried pharaoh…. The hot breath of the desert has patiently eroded t
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Harvest Horror Encounter Banner 2

John’s Harvest Horror Encounter

John from Boston was kind enough to share his spooky Halloween encounter using a mixture of our 2-Minute maps and assets. Enjoy his write-up below… Photo by John from Boston (@johndmaher) Hi Ross, M
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Snowy Sanctum battle map, banner

How to Run a Snow Adventure

Snowy tundras weave between mountains and forests, blanketing the landscape in a petrifying cold. Many creatures and obstacles litter the area. Adventurers must be ready for what might find them, as w
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Halloween Monster RPG Tokens – Banner Preview

Halloween Monster Tokens

Ten classic Halloween monsters to haunt your player characters this spooky season! We have classic undead such as vampires, skeletons, and a zombie. We have the exotic mummy and a humorous ghost. Alon
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10 More Scary Encounters

A line of red warmth drips from his nose. He turns to his companions, sharing a look of fearful determination. They each clutch their respective injuries. In the distance, the horizon skies are beginn
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Mysterious Mangrove Portal Battle Map – Square Grid Preview

A Mysterious Portal in the Mangroves

Legends tell of a pit in the middle of the mangroves which calls sleepwalkers to leap into its darkness, where they disappear without a sound… Perhaps the party can determine its mystery? I’m sticki
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10 Horror Encounters

Shadows creep and shiver in corners unwatched. They slink forth from their hiding places as the sun descends, consuming the last of day’s light. All that remains is the white glow of the moon. The air
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Silent Snowy Cemetery Battle Map – Banner

Silent Snowy Cemetery Battle Map

In a crowded wood bleached by white snow stands a grove of headstones with names erased and corners rounded. A persistent breeze blows, and the surrounding trees resembling stony lightning bolts with
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Pirate's Cove Battle Map Preview

How to Run an Island Adventure

Between the larger countries and continents are countless smaller islands. The party’s oceanic travels have them passing many of these. Most are innocuous and either barren or sparsely populated, but
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Ocean Surface RPG Map Assets, banner

How to Run an Ocean Adventure

The party climbs aboard and takes to their posts. Sails lower, the ship lurches against the waves, and the horizon soon swallows the last glimpses of land. An ocean adventure awaits. Many dangers and
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Pumpkin Hill Halloween Battle Map – Color & Grid Preview

Pumpkin Hill, a Halloween Battle Map

An autumnal hill bathed in the last light of October. Certainly the night will not go by uneventfully… This is the companion map to the upcoming Devil’s Mill, which maps the four interior floors of
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10 More Winter Encounters

Winter stretches on and dangers abound. The long plains of white, stretching over the countryside and weaving between mountains, camouflage all manner of beasts and challenges. The party has faced man
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Caboose & Cargo Cars, Banner Preview

Train Caboose & Cargo Cars

Industry! Commerce! Our steam train is now capable of hauling cargo across a continent, and also bears a comfy caboose for those guarding the valuable goods. Ever more tempting for fortune seekers of
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10 Snow Encounters

Snowy tundras stretch on in blanketing white. Mountains and valleys are masked by snow and ice, burying what once was. All manner of secrets might lie below the frost. But for the party to discover th
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Sewer Map Assets, Banner

Sewer Map Assets

Bring the Sewer Map Tiles to life with this comprehensive asset pack, containing debris, bridges, and decorations of all sorts. Transform your watery tunnels into a thieves guild, bug nest, or alligat
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Steam Train Passenger Cars, Banner Preview

Steam Train Passenger Cars

For fans of the Old West or the Harry Potter series, this is for you! This map pack contains a wood-clad economy class passenger car, and a Hogwarts Express-inspired premium class car with private boo
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Sewer Battle Map Tiles, Banner

Sewer Map Tiles

An network of dripping tunnels lined with grime, debris, and unspeakable things. And with these four map tiles, they can go on just as far as you need! A sewer tile set is an oft-requested item and on
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Poacher's Crest RPG Town Map, summer

How To Design a Town

Small towns and villages dot the countryside. Each one bears its own story and locals to tell it, from the rebellion settlement to the congregation of acolytes at a temple’s steps. It is from these to
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Steam Locomotive RPG Battle Map, Preview

Steam Locomotive Battle Map

Several years ago my friends and I sat down to play a Wild West one-shot with high mortality homebrew firearms, a “death & dismemberment” table in place of death saves, and three character sheets
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Square Keep Hill Battle Map, second floor

Square Keep Hill Battle Map

A vibrant hill for our proud Square Keep to rest upon, complete with subterranean basement and (optional) secret tunnel entrance. If you want to turn the square keep into something of a stealth-heavy
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Treasure Hoard RPG Map Assets, Preview

Treasure Hoard Map Assets

Congratulations, you have found the treasure hoard of 2-Minute Tabletop! Inside are 104 prized assets depicting gold piles, weapons of legend, and every treasure imaginable. Each asset is appropriatel
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