Wonderdraft Map Icons, banner

Wonderdraft Map Icons

Hello again! I’m back from my vacation and have just finished packaging these icons for image editor and Wonderdraft use. You can find the download method at the bottom of this post. 🙂

Wei Continent RPG World Map, banner

The Provinces of Wei

Welcome to the lands of Fara Wei, or simply “Wei.” I’ve been meaning to draw this for a long time, as it just so happens to be the setting of my own 3+ year old campaign!

Underdark Terrain RPG Tokens, tokens

The Underdark Terrain Tokens

Hello everyone, the tokens are finally here to accompany our Cave Room Builder pack! Inside you will find 141 tokens of varying bio-luminescence and underdark-y-ness, from mundane rocks to plane-tearing crystals, your everyday mushroom to nirnroot-er, blue ferns.

Buildings RPG battle maps, buildings preview

The Buildings Pack

Hi everyone! After many hours plugging away at it, the Buildings Pack is finally ready. Inside you will find a collection of floor plans, a bunch of compatible roofs (in red AND grey), and a couple of other pieces to customize them with.

Haunted Garden RPG battle map, banner

The Haunted Garden

Boo! Did I surprise you with another map so soon? So that you can have the whole estate before Halloween (and because I’m going away tomorrow) I’m here with the final piece of our spooky October project…

Haunted Cellar RPG battle map, banner

The Haunted Cellar

What lies beneath a haunted mansion? Why, a haunted wine cellar of course! This map serves as both an atmospheric base for last week’s mansion and as a battle map for its spooky basement. 

Haunted Mansion (Furnished), floor 2

Mansion Furniture Tokens

As promised, this is the release of the Mansion Furniture Tokens, paired with a an extra-spooky, fully furnished Haunted Mansion!

Haunted Mansion battle map, floor 2

The Haunted Mansion

The first piece to our spooky October project, the unfurnished Haunted Mansion, based on the 1890 residence of Henry R. Towne ESQ.

Castle Town city map, banner

The Castle Town

An important strategic location on a dreary coastline. An altogether unappealing place to live, and home only to a skeleton crew of soldiers and maintenance workers.

Luminescent Cave battle map, banner

The Luminescent Cave

A glowing cave map suitable for the Underdark or flavorful mountain pass. What lies in wait, in those glowing ferns and blind turns?

Cobblestone Highway battle map, square grid

The Cobblestone Highway

Somewhat dull, but endlessly useful! This map pairs well with our forest tokens and buildings; a solid base for an exciting custom map.

Battle Map: Volatile Portal map collaboration banner

Forgotten Adventures Portal Collab

Over the last few weeks I have been working with Peter “Stryxin” Peko from Forgotten Adventures to create this fun portal-centric battle map duo!

Hero Tokens, VTT Tavern Preview Banner

The Hero Token Pack

Fun experiment, or the start of a new series? I would love to hear your opinion!

Cave Room Builder, demonstration cavern banner

The Cave Room Builder Set

In the same vein as our recent Dungeon Room Builder, with this pack you can build your very own hand-drawn caverns!

Typical Tavern, rpg battle map floorplan banner

The Typical Tavern

A place visited frequently by nearly every party, no matter their level. You’ll have to come up with your own name though!

Let's Draw a Forest (for RPG Battle Maps) Video

Let’s Draw a Forest

In this video I explain my process for drawing trees, bushes, and underbrush, each with multiple levels of detail. You can draw them quick and dirty, or slow and pretty!

Dungeon Room Builder Banner

The Dungeon Room Builder Set

Build your own hand-drawn dungeon with these 60 room pieces! Also, there’s a 22×16″ demo room thrown in. 😉

Monster Lair RPG Battle Map, Banner

The Monster Lair

Welcome to this vibrant all-purpose cave lair, home to your countryside monster of choice!

Cave Tunnels battle map tiles, banner

Cave Tunnel Map Tiles

Four tiling cave tunnel sections, the humble beginning to our future cave tile set!

Let's Draw caves (for RPG Battle Maps)

Let’s Draw Caves

Join me as I try and explain my cave-battle-map-drawing-method using actual English words. This is the first episode in my new, laid-back, “Let’s Draw” tutorial series, where I talk through how I go about drawing my battle maps. It’s been too long!

Goblin Bigrock camp rpg battle map

Battle at the Goblin Bigrock

Matthew Shaker reports that his brave home group were almost overcome by the goblins at this ramshackle settlement!

Jagged Cave battle map, banner

The Jagged Cave

Dwarven prospectors have struck a mysterious cavern. What awaits back there, where the air glows and the rocks whisper?

Snowy Sanctum, square grid

The Snowy Sanctum

An ancient ruin abandoned long ago to the frozen wastes, its purpose lost to time…

Rocky Descent battle map, banner

The Rocky Descent

A rare healing herb grows on a rocky pillar at the base of this stream, but the way down is sure to be a test…

Skull Cave Battle Map, banner

The Skull Cave

A long-dead behemoth has rotted away to bleached bone here, yet out of its open mouth still pools viscous blood…

Beach Dunes Battle Map, square grid

The Beach Dunes

A pristine beach and rolling dunes. Yet what might be hiding in the shrubbery, preparing an ambush?

Oakenspire Treetops battle map, banner

The Oakenspire Treetops

These ancient treetops of Oakenspire are criss-crossed with limbs, bridges, and platforms, all begging for an epic battle amidst the clouds.

Wicked Woods battle map, banner

The Wicked Woods

Woods awash with fog, the obvious place to find a lingering spirit, druid gathering, or similar encounter.

Dungeon Trap Tokens, banner

Dungeon Trap Tokens

Fifty-one dungeon trap tokens, ready for your table top, in virtual and printable formats!

Glowing Grotto battle map, color

The Glowing Grotto

Where, long ago, some important precursor placed some important relic, which your party now needs…

Papercraft House, constructed

The Papercraft House

The warm home of an upstanding citizen, with a 4×6″ grid ready for the chaos of battle.

Tranquil Waterfall Battle Map (Banner)

The Tranquil Waterfall

An out of the way, waterfall-fed pool, a favorite place for weddings and occult summonings.

Snowy Plaza Battle Map, Night Banner

The Snowy Plaza

The stage in this famous plaza draws all sorts of performers, even on cold wintry nights such as this.

Japanese Village RPG Map, Banner

A Japanese Village

A modest hamlet that has sprung up to cater for the travellers who frequent this road.

Dwarven Hermitage Dungeon Map, Banner

The Dwarven Hermitage

A small “mini dungeon” containing all that a humble dwarf needs to live a happy life alone.

Desert Oasis Battle Map, Banner

The Desert Oasis

A small oasis in the midst of vast desert sands… But is it real, or a magical mirage?

Roadside Forest Tokens Banner

The Roadside Forest Tokens

Your roadside encounters will never look the same twice, with this collection of forest-themed tokens!

Roadside Tiling Road & Grass (Banner)

The Roadside Tiling Road & Grass

Two deliberately scarce map tiles for you to use as-is, or customized with the Forest Tokens pack!