Goblin Bigrock camp rpg battle map

Battle at the Goblin Bigrock

Matthew Shaker reports that his brave home group were almost overcome by the goblins at this ramshackle settlement!

Jagged Cave battle map, banner

The Jagged Cave

Dwarven prospectors have struck a mysterious cavern. What awaits back there, where the air glows and the rocks whisper?

Snowy Sanctum, square grid

The Snowy Sanctum

An ancient ruin abandoned long ago to the frozen wastes, its purpose lost to time…

Rocky Descent battle map, banner

The Rocky Descent

A rare healing herb grows on a rocky pillar at the base of this stream, but the way down is sure to be a test…

Skull Cave Battle Map, banner

The Skull Cave

A long-dead behemoth has rotted away to bleached bone here, yet out of its open mouth still pools viscous blood…

Beach Dunes Battle Map, square grid

The Beach Dunes

A pristine beach and rolling dunes. Yet what might be hiding in the shrubbery, preparing an ambush?

Oakenspire Treetops battle map, banner

The Oakenspire Treetops

These ancient treetops of Oakenspire are criss-crossed with limbs, bridges, and platforms, all begging for an epic battle amidst the clouds.

Wicked Woods battle map, banner

The Wicked Woods

Woods awash with fog, the obvious place to find a lingering spirit, druid gathering, or similar encounter.

Dungeon Trap Tokens, banner

Dungeon Trap Tokens

Fifty-one dungeon trap tokens, ready for your table top, in virtual and printable formats!

Glowing Grotto battle map, color

The Glowing Grotto

Where, long ago, some important precursor placed some important relic, which your party now needs…

Papercraft House, constructed

The Papercraft House

The warm home of an upstanding citizen, with a 4×6″ grid ready for the chaos of battle.

Tranquil Waterfall Battle Map (Banner)

The Tranquil Waterfall

An out of the way, waterfall-fed pool, a favorite place for weddings and occult summonings.

Snowy Plaza Battle Map, Night Banner

The Snowy Plaza

The stage in this famous plaza draws all sorts of performers, even on cold wintry nights such as this.

Japanese Village RPG Map, Banner

A Japanese Village

A modest hamlet that has sprung up to cater for the travellers who frequent this road.

Dwarven Hermitage Dungeon Map, Banner

The Dwarven Hermitage

A small “mini dungeon” containing all that a humble dwarf needs to live a happy life alone.

Desert Oasis Battle Map, Banner

The Desert Oasis

A small oasis in the midst of vast desert sands… But is it real, or a magical mirage?

Roadside Forest Tokens Banner

The Roadside Forest Tokens

Your roadside encounters will never look the same twice, with this collection of forest-themed tokens!

Roadside Tiling Road & Grass (Banner)

The Roadside Tiling Road & Grass

Two deliberately scarce map tiles for you to use as-is, or customized with the Forest Tokens pack!

Dungeon Vault Battle Map Tile, banner

The Dungeon Vault

Another dungeon tile, with some interesting elevation changes mixed in.

Hillside Altar battle map, color banner

The Hillside Altar

An ominous altar buried beneath a featureless hill. Who might have built it, and what is its purpose?

Roadside Camp & Clearcut map tiles

The Roadside Camp & Clearcut

Two more map tiles, this time adjacent to the road. What encounters await at this camp and clearcut?

Roadside Battle Map Tiles Video Thumbnail NEW

Speed Drawing some Roadside map tiles (Pt.2)

Here you can watch me paint and tweak the Roadside Rise & Wilderness battle map tiles, a time-consuming process sped up 1000-3000x for your viewing pleasure!

Icy Battle Site and Volcanic Descent battle maps

Carlos’ First Encounter

I’ve been meaning to post this one for a while now! This is a icy encounter by Carlos…

Snowy Summit Mountain Battle Map

The Snowy Summit

A precarious ascent to a powdered plateau, even apart from the pair of provoked perytons…

Crystal Cave battle map, custom grid

Crystal Cave

The frozen cave of a young white dragon, its treasure hoard sealed away with icy breath…

Crystal Hill

The snow-covered roost of a proud white dragon, Crystal Hill.

Assembling the Harvest Horror Paper Figurines Video

Assembling the Harvest Horror Paper Figurines

I’m rebooting my YouTube channel with this simple “Let’s Build” time lapse of my Harvest Horror paper figurines. This video’s main purpose was to test out my new filming setup, so please excuse its simplicity!

The Harvest Horror

An awakened jack-o’-lantern is on a ravenous warpath – can it be stopped before it burns the mill?

The Hag Hovel

The modest hovel of a magical hag, tucked amidst the reeds of the Haunted Marsh.