The Camp Token Set

The inspiration struck me this week to complete this much-requested tokens pack. Say hello to the Camp Tokens!

The Dungeon Prison & Pool

Let’s kick off the Dungeon Tiles collection with these prison and pool battle maps!

The Rocky Coast

This watery battle map is begging for a Sahuagin camp, harpy nest, or pirate landing!

Castle Highreach

Our largest battle map to date, built from the pieces contained in our now-complete Castle Tileset.

Castle Siege Weapons

Eleven distinct weapons of war, ready for print or use on a virtual table top!

The Castle Keep

The most potent defense of its period, the Castle Keep.

The City of Greybanner

Though the arena has existed for longer than records can tell, it has recently become the base of operations for the powerful Grey Banner mercenaries.

The Wild Road

My new brush pens arrived in the mail today and were immediately put to the test in creating this winding road…

The Castle Tower

These great towers stand at each corner of the castle walls, daring besiegers to enter their range.

Crit Academy Interview

I recently joined the Crit Academy podcast crew for an interview. If you’d like to know more about my RPG history and map-making-methods (as well as the other interesting things they cover) check it out below!

galleon sailing ship map

The Galleon

This swift ship can patrol your campaign’s seas for FREE, thanks to our wonderful Patrons!

The Castle Gatehouse

This week’s addition to the Castle Collection is the formidable Castle Gatehouse, which is just begging for a siege!

The Windy Realms

Welcome to The Windy Realms, where ships sail on clouds and the trees grow to titanic proportions!

How To Build a Castle in Roll20

This video guide explains how to use my Castle Walls Tileset to build your own custom castle in Roll20.

The Castle Walls Tileset

These Castle Walls fall somewhere between a prop set and a set piece; our very first tileset!

Flatting in Photoshop

In this video I explain the foundational discipline of “flatting” and my personal method. It is an excellent practice that makes layer manipulation and color tweaking very simple in all stages of your coloring process.

Wizard's Tower (preview)

The Wizard’s Tower

It’s time for another set piece! This time it’s a book filled, purple-carpeted Wizard’s Tower!

The Market Festival

This bustling battle map is free to download here, once again thanks to our many Patreon supporters!

The Coastal Town

This FREE and decidedly nameless port town map is made possible once again by my wonderful Patrons. Thank you, everyone!

The East Bridge

This FREE  bridge map marks an exciting transition for 2-Minute Table Top! Thanks to our amazing community of Patrons, I am happy to publish this map under a Creative Commons license. Not only does that mean it’s free, but you are welcome to share it and incorporate it into your own material! More info below…

Rock Garden & Tea House

A battle map combo inspired by the brilliant colors of Japan in autumn, featuring a rock garden and tea house.  

The Island Plateau

Three narrow paths lead to this island’s flat peak, where there might rest a temple, statue, lighthouse, or other!  

The Island Crossing

Two islets and three red bridges are between your players and their goal. What else awaits them?  

The Volcanic Descent

You were prepared for kobolds, but no one warned you of the harpies!  

The Forgotten Crypt

Accompanied by PrintableHeroe’s paper ghouls, this long forgotten crypt will not be easily plundered.

The Forgotten Well

In collaboration with PrintableHeroes, I present to you this spider infested map & token pack!  

The Forgotten Tomb

A cemetery stands amidst the underbrush on the outskirts of town, a remnant from another age.  

The Forest Glade

Just off the beaten path, this peaceful glade makes for a perfect campsite or random encounter!  

The Rope Bridge

Have your Acrobatics modifier at hand, because this bridge is a boss fight unto itself!  

The City Street

This cobbled street will bring some context to your collection of buildings, and makes for a spacious arena when the party runs into guards or drunks!

The Twisting Trail

These bandits are truly masters of their craft. Nothing works like a an upturned wagon!

The Hungering Pit

The perfect battle map for a classic “stumble upon a dark ritual in progress” encounter! (Fair maiden not included)

The Cosy Cottage

This cramped little building prints out on two pages, and you can even furnish it yourself!

The Lonely Tower

A spacious, four-storey tower. The perfect bandit base or player character hub!

The World of Sanspants

This is my first shot at a campaign / world map, the exciting world invented by Adam of Sanspants Radio.

The Cavern Torture Chamber

Here the cavern takes – quite literally – a dark turn, opening into a small, blood-spattered torture chamber.