A Ship, a Schooner

Schooner Ship

Built with Out of the Abyss and my oriental campaign in mind, The Schooner is something between a keelboat and a chinese junk. Whatever she may be, this compact ship is ready for your campaign, underdark or nay.

I have left the innards deliberately empty, to accommodate whatever cargo your particular set of PCs or NPCs might be carrying. You might use markers, tokens or descriptive speach to furnish her. Personally, I’ll be printing a lines-only version to keep track of cargo and such, letting my players scribble and erase as they mount ballistae, take prisoners, and all that fun stuff!

The Schooner is available now!

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  1. What are the orange cloth bits supposed to represent?

    1. Just that! I can’t remember the reference I used, but it had dyed canvas to protect these areas from the rain (I suppose).

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