The Banahogg – d20 Swamp Encounters

Part 1 – A Swamp Adventure | Part 3 – COMING SOON The Banahogg is a dangerous and horrific place. A necrotic curse hangs in the air and hags have filled the land with monstrous, artificial creations. Somewhere in the center, the coven is preparing their final ritual. The party must stop them, but what […]

The Banahogg – A Swamp Adventure

Part 2 – d20 Swamp Encounters | Part 3 COMING SOON A shanty town lies on the edge of the Banahogg swamp, an ancient and profane land. The village of Myrrholm is not fond of or accustomed to visitors, but it now requires help. A curse has spread from the Banahogg, causing people to fall […]