The Trusty Tavern (Redone!)

In many ways the Trusty Tavern is the father of the modular buildings set, and it deserved to be reworked to match the other building’s color scheme. It also lacked a roof… But now it can be properly assembled alongside the other buildings!


In addition to the color scheme change, the PDF is now MUCH easier to print off and at MUCH higher definition, so you can print it with a 1 inch grid on several US Letter sized pages – something you really couldn’t do before due to the dimensions of the building.

This map marks the start of “The Great Re-Scan” thanks to you all reaching our milestone on Patreon. At least once a week I will be re-uploading an old (pre-Dragon’s Lair) map newly conformed to our new standards, namely being at a much higher resolution (clearer when printed), easier to print, and even easier to plug into Roll20. Keep an eye out for those!

If you have already claimed the Trusty Tavern, simply re-download your new files. If not, you can download it here:

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