Wei Continent RPG World Map, banner

The Provinces of Wei

Welcome to the lands of Fara Wei, or simply “Wei.” I’ve been meaning to draw this for a long time, as it just so happens to be the setting of my own 3+ year old campaign!


Wei Continent RPG World Map, banner


The provinces of Wei are the setting of an eternal clash between fantasy-Japan, fantasy-China, and the ancient oni living in the mountains. It’s a land with a shrouded history and many secrets. Where dreams seem at times to overlap with reality, and ageless dragons hide in the shape of humans.

I drew this in preparation for the release of LegendKeeper, a cloud-based application for building and organizing fictional worlds. I’m very excited to be involved in its development, and am dying to get my hands on it. I highly recommend checking it out. It’s going to be a real game-changer for my own campaign organization.

That all said, this map doesn’t need to be the start of a new campaign for you. It also makes for a great “across the seas” location for your campaign — don’t we all have that player who want to play a zany race that doesn’t fit into our current setting? (I’m looking at you, Jeff the cowboy). Alternatively, it’s a place for the party to visit they accrue such a bounty that their only option is to flee the continent!

Let me know your plans for this map in the comments. 😉


Wei Continent RPG World Map, banner, parchment
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  1. I could see myself using this as a mist-shrouded archipelago that my players have received a mysterious invitation to from an unknown source after they’ve made a name for themselves!

  2. Beautiful! With a bit of retouching, this map could stand in as an alternative Avatar: TLA world setting.

  3. I could view this as the world splitting format I have for a realm in my 3+ year campaign. Essentially the world is split into a fire, water, earth, and air varients where that magic is so saturated that it is a part of the world.

  4. Maximiliano Cánepa

    Love it

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